~~If you've ever bought or sold a home, you know through the course of events you meet some interesting real estate professionals. And once and a while, you meet someone whom you think, wow, now this is someone I wish we had hired.

 When we bought our Etobicoke townhome, Kevin was selling the unit next door. We had met him during a visit through his listing. After we bought a competing property, Kevin popped by to congratulate us. Interesting. We just bought. No opportunities here!

 As seasoned real estate buyers/sellers, we chatted with Kevin from time-to-time about the neighborhood; about his listing next door; when to throw in the towel; when to stay in the fight. He listened carefully, was never dismissive and even though I am a little blunt, he always had kind things to add to my observations.

 Roll the clock forward a few months and we have the opportunity of a lifetime to live in the Middle East. We immediately called Kevin. Discussed our options and he stood up to my whining that we could "never get that price after 6 months" and he listed for what he and my wife Yasmin believed was a fair number. And I flew to Dubai. And within a few days he emailed me to say -- "we have an offer" ... great I remember saying to myself dismissively -- "how much" -- and his reply "Asking Price!"

 True story. Very few days on the market. Asking price offer. Well outside what I thought was possible.

 What an unbelievable experience. Someone who welcomed us to the neighborhood, kept in touch after we bought a property he had no vested interest in, sharing a few war stories with us when we passed his car or saw him at an open house -- and then boom -- he becomes our agent and sells our house, at the best price on the street, 6 months after we bought it for the lowest price on the street.

 Like all those weight-loss commercials, our results may not be reflective of your results. But your experience will be -- Kevin is a great real estate agent. He is honest and trustworthy. He knows buying and selling can be stressful, and he does so much to ensure the experience is pleasant and in our case, extremely profitable.

 Thanks Kevin!!

Doug S.

Thanks Kevin. After 30 years in the real estate market, selling and buying homes and really starting to dislike most real estate agents, you are by far the very best. Tremendously patient and determined. Thanks.
Kathy G.

We have had the opportunity to work with several real estate agents in the past. In our experience, we have encountered none with the same high level of professional competence, real estate market sense, work ethic, client support and good humoured positivism as exhibited by Kevin. Our property sold well within the timeframe Kevin predicted from the outset. During the days leading to the sale of our property, Kevin ran 8 open houses and arranged well over 35 showings. Kevin put in much more time, effort and commitment than we saw with our previous real estate experiences combined. We would enthusiastically endorse and recommend Kevin Kane's services to anyone seeking a real estate professional.
Barbara & David Zimmer


We just finished our third house transaction with Kevin, and again we’ve been extremely impressed by all the things he does to earn our repeat business. Unlike other agents with whom we’ve worked in the past, Kevin always gives us 100% of his attention when he’s working with us: never rushing us, never making us feel like we’re wasting his time. He has been excellent both for selling and for buying, always going the extra mile. We’d definitely work with him again given the opportunity.”

- Pierre and Claire

“Kevin is honest, hard-working, and is an excellent negotiator. He fought hard to ensure we received a great price for both our sale and purchase. In addition to these very important qualities, Kevin is accommodating and friendly. He made us feel like we were part of a team. We would use Kevin again and do not hesitate to recommend him to others.”

- Andrew and Jenn

“I used Kevin for the purchase of a new home. I did not know agents assisted with such a purchase. As a result, Kevin negotiated a smaller down payment and several upgrades on my behalf. He is a true professional and makes you feel like he is buying a home with you!”

- Jim